The Cable Ninja

16 January 2013 in 20 Minute Stories

*Note – this was a 20 minute story that sat untold because I wasn’t sure where to go with it.  Maybe someone could drop a note to help me out…

It was times like this that Harrison was glad that he typically worked alone, and at night. What started originally as a kind of a joke evolved over a few short weeks into “something fun to do,” then “a hobby” and has recently taken on its new form – a seemingly full-fledged obsession.

Standing atop a ladder, half his body immersed in the ceiling, Harrison revisited his career in his mind and considered what got him here exactly.

The defensive part of his brain kicked in, telling him the story he wanted to believe.  Two intense years of training at Loyalist College transformed him into one of the most efficient network engineers in the province.  A passion for technology and drive for efficiency turned Harrison into one of the fastest and most reliable people a company could hope for when it came to rewiring an entire office to the new gigabit ethernet standard.

“That’s not the ‘what got me here exactly’ I was thinking about, “ Harrison mumbled to himself.  The sensible part of his mind started to kick in and ask questions again – just why was it that he was here, doing this, dressed the way he was.

He reached back and felt the handle of the katana strapped to his back, adjusted his mask and got back to work.

“A cable-ninja’s work is never done,” he laughed to himself, although it really wasn’t that funny.  “I wonder if I’d get more or less business as the cable-ninja instead of just the cable expert?”

What began as a costume for the Halloween party two years ago became his regular nightly uniform when he knew nobody was around.  Back on that Halloween, the costume was much more primitive.  It definitely qualified as “costume” then, where today – this was his uniform.  He could really feel that sensation deep inside him, that tingling feeling that told him that he really was a ninja.  On top of it, the uniform was *really* comfortable.  “No wonder we ninjas move so quickly, this is really feels like I’m not wearing anything,” he thought to himself as he sprang down to the floor from the top of the ladder.

The radio blared in the background … “I’m sailing awaaaaaayyyyy…”

Harrison loved the 70s channel.

He reached back and swung out his sword and stopped in a battle-ready pose. A slight glare on the corner of the ceiling caught his attention. Holding his katana close, he somersaulted closer.

Harrison hated security cameras.  Ninjas were not meant to be seen.

16 January 2013 20 Minute Stories