You Can Run, but You Can’t…

15 January 2013 in 20 Minute Stories

*  Note – This story was written in 20 minutes in my creative writing class tonight.  There has been almost no editing save for a few spelling mistakes.  Enjoy!

Footsteps in the snow.  After the first hour or so, that’s pretty much all Steven could hear.  The music playing on his iPod had long since faded into the background.  He was in his zone now.

For years, Steven insisted on running late at night, a practice his wife despised; she feared for his safety.  He almost always left the house wearing his black sweater and pants, making him just a shadow on the already dark streets and that made her cringe every time she heard the click of the lock on the front door.

Steven never paid her any mind.  This was his release.  He spent all day cooped up in that damned watchtower and he wasn’t about to let someone else’s apprehensiveness shield him from his passion of running.

Step. Step. Step. Step.

As the time passed, Steven, could feel his muscles start to ache.  The further he ran, the less he cared about the world; he only ever stopped at the traffic light.

“That light never fails,” he mumbled to himself.  This neighbourhood was the only one that made him feel uncomfortable.  That sketchy massage parlour nauseated him and the empty-faced employees at the dry cleaner always creeped him out.

“How long is this damned light anyways??”

He could hear another runner’s footsteps off in the distance.  He smiled briefly and set himself off around the corner.  Out of the corner of his eye, Steven noticed six employees walking out of the dry cleaners.  His pace slowed slightly as he wondered why a dry cleaner would need that many employees, particularly at this time of the night.

It went dark.  His head hurt.

Steven blinked a couple of times and shook his head.  He’d never had a headache come on this quickly.  He looked down at himself and, as his eyes started to focus, around at the stacks of boxes.  Why was he tied to a chair?  And who the hell is that pointing a gun at his face?

“Routine is your enemy.  You were the easiest one yet,” said the man with the gun.

Steven studied him for a moment.  Aside from the firearm pointed in his general direction, there was nothing that stood out.  No pinstripe suit, no tattooed bald head, no gold chains, just a fresh haircut, designer glasses and an argyle sweater.  Maybe he could use a shave, but it was late … maybe … how long had he been sitting there tied to the chair?

“Long enough to wet yourself, but that’s of no concern to me…”


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15 January 2013 20 Minute Stories

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  1. Creepy and wonderful

  2. Theresa on 16 January 2013